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The football world on a regional scale is doing very well. There are many football clubs, both amateur and professional schools operating at large sports clubs. There are regular events and tournaments dedicated to such junior (and not only) teams. The problem, however, is managing events, the ability to quickly contact between teams or easily arrange friendly matches. These functions were to be implemented by the FC App.

Startup launched the mvp version in 2019. After collecting valuable feedback, the founders of FC.app came back to us to build a new, effective version for the mobile application.



Did you know that in order to organize sparring for your team as a team manager, you need to find a team, reach decision-makers, arrange a date and place convenient not only for managers but for all players, and in the case of youth teams also their parents? What about sudden canceled matches? What if we wanted to organize a football tournament? The task seems huge with at least a few risky points.

And here, according to the startup's assumptions, the FC.App application comes to the rescue. It not only facilitates the organization of football events, but also brings them to a higher organizational and professional level.

The task of our team was to create the architecture of the mobile application, design functionalities and final user interface.

“They were able to do a lot of work without any guidance from our team. They got the feel of what was needed right away.”

Karol Nowalski, CPO at FC.App


Project goals

UX Scoping session

Wireframes and prototypes

Mobile app user interface

Desktop app user interface

Promo animations and microinteractions

Icon and illustration sets

Graphic design support for FC.app marketing



The result of the UX workshop was the development of key views in the form of functional mockups for each type of user: Coach, Footballer and Caregiver. Testing the functioning of the application from the level of each user group was important in terms of checking the interaction of these groups with each other. The prototype showed many shortcomings of the original assumptions of the FCApp and allowed to eliminate them at the very beginning of the project. Thanks to user tests, we improved the key paths of users' movement around the application, shortening and facilitating their journey, and allowed to eliminate critical cases.



We started work on the interface with brainstorming and preparing several stylistic concepts. For this purpose, we have created moodboards with proposals for a new visual direction for the application. After consultations with clients, we came to an agreement on the most important issues: colors, typography and general look & feel. The final UI design is a bright layout with clear purple headers and buttons. A strong, geometric font gives a modern, sporty character, and the linear illustrations give great possibilities to animate and modify them depending on the needs and occasions.



The most important goal of the redesign was to improve the user experience of using the application. For this purpose, we decided not only to modify the current functions, but also to add new ones. Among the most important is the division into 3 groups of users with the possibility of easy communication, e.g. on the line Trainer - Parent, an extensive notification system, the possibility of previewing results and statistics live or assessing players. In addition, we introduced team rankings and streamlined the process of creating events: sparring and tournaments.

Last but not least

We have designed advanced filtering options for events and teams. Users can find sparring partners in the area, according to ratings: sports level, organizational level or fair-play. And the best part is that the whole dating process is easy and fast.



The FC.App that we designed for mobile devices received very positive feedback. At the moment, it already has over 15,000 active users! With the passage of time and the popularity that affected FCapp, there was a need to develop a desktop version.

In 2022, we started working on the desktop version. Along with its development, we added new functionalities in tournament games, which we also updated on the mobile version.

The application is gaining more and more supporters among amateur fubol with great momentum, and we support the creators in its continuous improvement.

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